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Pet Services


All animals great and small, are welcome!
We see a range of animals, from bats cats, goats, stoats & dogs. With your help, we  support the wildlife that come our way .  
Our dedicated team are here to support your animals health.


We have a 24 hour emergency service that is staffed by our own vets & nurses  here at the practice.


** Please note, emergency cases outside our standard working hours, will be charged at a out of hours rate. 

Routine Health Care


We strongly believe that routine preventative health care is one of the most important aspects of responsible pet ownership and it starts from the day you bring your new pet home. 


Here at the surgery we can help by advising you on the timing of different treatments and their application.

Our pets give us so much , no matter what stage of life they are at,  regular check-ups are a good and helpful  way of seeing   problems early and monitoring conditions.  

Here at the surgery we can help by advising you on the timing of different  flea, tick & worm treatments and their application.

 Pet Health Care options For help and advice please  email

Routine Surgery and Clinical Procedures
We offer most routine surgery and procedures including:
  • Neutering for cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

  • Dental procedures (scale and polish, x-rays, extractions)

  • Lump removals

  • Ear cleaning under anaesthetic

  • Digital x-rays

  • Ultrasonography & ECG 

  • Endoscopy 

  • Multiparameter anaesthetic monitoring

     We also have an in-house laboratory

       This enables us to perform the following investigations:

  • Routine blood work

  • Bacterial identification on skin swabs, ear swabs and

          urine samples


          House Calls



Regretfully, house round calls aren't available right now, they will be returning, as soon as possible. Thank you 
Please call the surgery for advice 


For help and information please contact the team

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